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November 04, 2009


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Florida Internet Marketing

I really appreciate your ideas and information you have mention here. I'm also agree and in favor to your knowledgeable facts and information that gathered. Thanks for having it here.. :)

Beth Sanders

Hi David--
I appreciate this posting and I hope that 20 somethings and 30 somethings realize that it is important to use the phone when trying to sell anything to the 40+ market. I'm age 41 and me and my peers grew up and began our work lives with the phone being a primary connector. Yes, we are still very much "computer people" but many of us have one foot in the "old" world of just-a-little technology and the "new" world of social media. For business, we still see value in using our phones and appreciate a real conversation and the interaction/brainstorming and new knowledge that can only be gained by being LIVE. We also can sense if there is true understanding of our needs. The phone is still a great medium for that. I agree with you David--pick up the phone and use it. OR...miss out on lots of opportunities.

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