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February 06, 2009


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David Chapman


Good to hear from you. I’d say all of us are a tad guilty of accentuating the negative these days – the media, consumer spending, etc. Point well taken on the half empty syndrome – 90%+ of people are employed after all. And there are plenty of companies doing extremely well right now due to their ability to reduce costs or drive profitability.

Scott Misner

Nice, David!

Keep up the good work. Someone has to keep a positive mindset.

Isn't it interesting how overtly negative/downtrodden the newspaper industry has become? Even in the go-go dot.com days, journalists weren't overtly positive about the flowing $$. They tended to remain at least somewhat objective.

Now, it seems there's nothing but "negative" objectivity to report on ... Hmmm, methinks the newspaper industry could use a little public relations support.

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